媩 (Chinese Version)

Kenny Siyong Chen

Address: 114 Yung-Ho Street
Tainan 703
Taiwan R.O.C.
Phone: 0921 593830



Personal Objective

To be an expert in networking and network security, and advance to a management position in network support area.


Product Skill
Windows NT 4 (Server: DHCP, DNS, RAS, WINS) 9/10    4 Years
Windows NT Workstation 8/10    3 Years
MS Proxy Server 2 9/10    3 Year
MS IIS (3 & 4) 9/10    3 Year
MS SNA Server 4 7/10    1/2 Year
MS Exchange 5.x 7/10    1 Year
MS SQL (6 & 7) /ODBC 6/10    1/2 Year
MS Office 8/10    5 Years
Novell 3.12 5/10    1/2 Year
Novell 4 6/10    1 Year
Linux (Redhat/Slackware/Debian) 8/10    3 Years
Shiva RADIUS 7/10    1/2 Year
SafeWord 5.0 (Hardware Token) 7/10    1/2 Year
DOS + WFW 9/10   2 Yeasr
Microsoft Windows 95 10/10   4 Yeasr
Microsoft Windows 98 9/10   3 Year
HTML 8/10    5 Years
IBM Compatible PC & Peripherals 9/10    6 Years

Working Experience

June 2000 - June 2001
Coventive Technologies, Ltd.
Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Network Engineer
Work as the major MIS engineer at the head office at Kaoshiung

  • Network management & planning
  • Product evaluating and implementation
  • Network & Desktop support
  • Router & Switch maintenance
  • NAT & Firewall maintenance
  • DNS & MAIL server maintenance
  • SAMBA & DHCP server maintenance
  • File & Print server maintenance
  • Technical document translating & writing
  • Staff training
  • Created the record system for the office network
  • Fixed and optimised the DHCP and DNS servers
  • Coordinated the local network establishment for new Kaohsiung office
  • Designed and completed the "Network Security Policy"
  • Designed and completed the "Network User-Guide"
  • Designed and completed the "Network Security Rescuer Guideline"
  • Designed and completed the "Intranet Implementation Guideline"
  • Participated in the maintenance of the "Interactive Area" in company web site
  • Supported the Education department for teaching for "Advance XLinux (ST002)" course
  • Supported the SI Department for the researching and implementation of "SMTP Authentication"
  • Supported the SI Department for the implementation of "Virtual POP Server"
  • Participated in the English writing of the XLinux course materials
  • Participated in the development of 'Genie (XLinux configuration tool)' with the "DHCP" and "Proxy"
  • Set up the proxy and news servers for Kaohsiung network
  • Re-planed and re-constructed the Kaohsiung network
  • Remote supported the establishment of the branch offices, including Chungho, Xian, Beijing, St. Jones.
  • Developed the Digital ID installation procedures and training materials
  • Replaced Kaohsiung office and Chung-ho office's leased lines.
  • Re-planed company's global DNS and EMAIL system, and completed the movement and backup of new DNS and MAIL servers.
  • Developed the Version Control guidelines for R&D department
  • Supported R&D department for the research and implementation of NAS (Network Attached Storage) products
  • Supported R&D department for the research and implementation of PXE-compatible Remote Boot System
  • Supported R&D department for the research and implementation of HA (High - Availability) Server and Cluster Gateway (Using LVS)

March 1999 - February 2000
NSW Police Service
Darlinghurst, NSW
Network Administrator
Worked for the network development/upgrade projects for the state-wide network

  • Project roll out (Travelled for more than 30 cities in the state)
  • Y2K test and upgrade for NT servers and workstations
  • SNA server (NT to Mainframe) installation
  • SNMP installation and implement
  • TRIM (record management program) upgrade
  • Dial-up communication networking (NT & Win9x)
  • RADIUS and Hardware authentication
  • Intranet development
  • Linux platform development
  • Internet Proxy implement
  • Disaster recover (NT)
  • Secured email routing
  • Developed the customised program installation
  • Designed and documented the system installation procedure
  • Designed and documented the technical training program
  • Designed the online training documentation (Web base)
  • Set up and implemented the Linux test lab


Feb 1998 - Feb 1999
ADO Electronic Industrial (Aust.) Pty Ltd
Chatswood, NSW

  • PC & Network support (Internal)
  • Telephone technical support (Internal/External)
  • Web site maintenance
  • Defective item managing
  • Installed a NT 4 Server and MS Proxy Server to allow every machine to share a single Internet connection
  • Set up the electronic mailing system on Linux platform for internal and external e-mail
  • Set up the fax server with Linux system
  • Rebuilt the Novell 3.12 Server (File and Printer) from scratch after the server crashed
  • Maintained the Web site after created from scratch
  • Expended the LAN to the service/warranty department
  • Designed and set up the warranty procedure


Dec 1996 - Feb 1998
Labtive Technology Pty Ltd,
Broadway, NSW

  • Computer system assembling
  • Software/Firmware loading
  • System diagnosing
  • Network installing/configuring
  • On-site technical support
  • Designed and set up the system assembling/diagnostic procedure
  • Assembled 20 PCs with OS loaded in a day
  • Completed more than 40 small LAN installation projects
  • Setup a 250 workstations NT4 network for EDS from scratch (as a team member)


1995 - 1996
ADO Electric Industrial (Aust.) Pty Ltd
Chatswood, NSW
Technician assistant

  • PC assembling
  • System testing
  • RA
  • Inventory control


Diploma of Information Technology
(PC and Network Support)
with distinction
Ultimo NSW

Certificate (level IV) of Information Technology
(Network Support)
with distinction
Ultimo NSW

Certificate (level IV) of Information Technology
(PC Support)
with distinction
Ultimo NSW

Certificate (level III) of Information Technology
Penrith NSW

Certificate of English Language
Sydney International College of English
Sydney NSW

School Certificate
1986 - 1989
No. 6 High School of City of Zhaoqing
Zhaoqing, Guangdong, China


  • Chinese (Cantonese/Mandarin)
  • English


  • Studying
  • BBS & News Group


Mr. Chinian Wang
Information Technology Department
Coventive Technolgies, Ltd.
2f-1, No.166, Chien-Yi Rd,
Chung ho, Taipei County,
Tel: (02) 8226-3600 Ext 251

Mr. Mani Jogia
Network Service Branch
Information Technology Services
Sydney Policy Centre
7/151-241 Goldburn Street
Darlinghurst NSW 2010
Tel: (02) 92654717

Mr. Leighton Wu, Manager,
ADO Electric Industrial (Aust.) Pty Ltd
18/380 Eastern Valley Way
Chatswood NSW 2067
Tel: (02) 9417 5233

Mr. Allan Yuang, Manager,
Labtive Technology Pty Ltd
4/160 Broadway Road
Broadway NSW 2007
Tel: (02) 92813656

Mr. Duy Nguyen
Network Support Teacher / Coordinator
Information Technology
Sydney Institute of Technology
Mary Ann Street
Ultimo NSW 2007
Voice: +612 9217 4769 Fax: +612 9217 3897